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Desktop Calendar 7.0

Creates and manages schedules and appointments
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Check the time and date, make records on planned and past activities, generate schedules, add remшnders, set up notifications and alarms, manage appointments, access, and edit to-do lists, etc. The utility features multiple customization options for quicker and easier access.

Desktop Calendar is a simple application that allows you to add a calendar and to-do list to your desktop. The program will allow you to change the color of your desktop, calendar background, to-do list background and text from the options menu, as well as other features like their position. However, once you fix the position of the calendar and to-do list on the desktop, you cannot change or move it across the screen. You can only place them in one of the screen's corners or you can fix the position by choosing the offset x and y values, which is not very comfortable, since there's no preview option. They are also pretty big and you cannot customize their size.
Unfortunately, it doesn't include reminders or alarms, or the ability to set holidays. They also look very old-fashioned and they are certainly not attractive. I suppose this calendar was intended for old operating systems and certainly has no use today.
In short, Desktop Calendar is a simple application that only deserves a try if you still use an old operating system and you are looking for a pretty simple calendar with not so much to offer.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Simple and easy to use


  • Unattractive
  • You cannot change their size
  • No alarms, holidays, or reminders
  • Only intended for old operating systems
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